In March the College launched the new member portal, Alinity, and for the most part regulated members are experiencing little to no issues with the portal. However, it has been brought up that some members are having issues with the member portal showing a spinning wheel when logging in and that the page never loads.  

So, why is the new member portal not loading for some members? 

Alinity is a web-based application requiring no installation as it runs on all major browsers (for example, Edge, Chrome, Firefox) including those provided for iOS (Apple devices) and Android mobile platforms such as Safari.  If you are using an unsupported browser (for example, Internet Explorer) or a browser that is running an older version, it may result in issues logging in and/or accessing forms. To prevent issues, use a recognized browser and run any required version updates. 

Below is a list of browsers with the required minimum version to be compatible with Alinity: 

  • Edge version >= 79 (current version is 100) 
  • Chrome version >= 80 (current version is 100) 
  • Firefox version >= 72 (current version is 99) 
  • Safari version >= 13 (current version is 15) 

How do I know what browser version I am using? 

You can access your browser information by going to the Settings, Help, and then going to the About page and the browser version should be displayed. You can also use the website, and by clicking on it or typing in the url, your browser version will be displayed in bold letters at the top of the page. No other action is required with this link. 

We recently added a notice that will appear after an attempted log-in that will warn members if their browser is out of date resulting in incompatibility with Alinity. The notice will look as shown below. It is important to note that if a member chooses to bypass the notice and attempt to log-in anyway, it will result not being able to log-in or the member portal not properly loading.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the College at