In August, the College officially launched the member website. This was part of the staggered Alinity launch and is an area that only those who have an Alinity login can access. Members can toggle between the member portal and the member website once logged into Alinity.

The transition to two websites, public and member, comes as a result of Bill 46 which requires regulatory colleges to have a public-focused website. The College considered all our options on how to maintain a public-focused website while also ensuring that there was an area where members would be able to find all the necessary information pertinent to their practice. This resulted in the decision to create a separate, internal website available only through the member portal.

To ensure the transition to the member website was smooth and no information was lost in the process, the public website remained untouched. After the launch was completed, work has been done to ensure the public website remains public-focused by removing member-specific content. This content will now live exclusively on the member website. This means that when you are searching for information related to your practice and you are unable to find it where it previously lived, it has been moved to the member website.

Information you will be able to find on the member website includes additional training opportunities, practice guidelines, returning to practice and member resources.

Moving forward, the College will continue to build on the content on the member website. If there are areas of your practice you wish to see expanded on, please let us know by emailing

Having problems logging in?

The College has been made aware that some members experienced technical issues when trying to access the member portal when it first launched. These technical issues have been resolved and we apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the College if you encounter any other problems with the member website.

If you have any questions or concerns about the member website, please contact the College at