Last year, Council voted to move to a recruitment process for Council vacancies and away from the previous election format. Council conducted a thorough evaluation of the process before deciding to transition to recruitment-based appointments.  I’m excited to share more details on the new process with all of you.

This year there are three, three-year term positions open on Council. As part of a fair and objective recruitment process, all Council members who wish to remain on Council when their term is up must seek re-appointment. This is to ensure that the best candidates are appointed to Council in the best interest of the membership.

On March 6, a call for applications will be emailed to all members. The recruitment period will be open until March 31st.  Interested candidates will need to complete the application form and submit their resume. All applications will be pre-screened and shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview. To help with the recruitment, a third-party independent Human Resources firm will be utilized to help with the process and provide objectivity with pre-screening applicants. The HR consultant will work alongside the Selection Committee which is comprised of three Council members and myself. This committee aims to have a diverse and inclusive Council mix by evaluating applications of regulated members for Council appointments, interviewing candidates and recommending appointments to Council with respect to the eligible applicants who best fit Council’s need to fill current or upcoming vacancies. The final appointment of regulated members on Council is determined by a majority vote by Council after receiving the Selection Committee’s recommendation(s).

More information on the process is published on the member website including detailed information including what it means to be on Council. This can be found here. It is important that potential Council members understand governance and how the Council contributes within the bigger governance and legislative structure. There is a great deal of on the job learning that takes place, but the basic knowledge of how the different pieces of legislation work together and what role the College/Council plays is an important piece to understand.

Finally, joining Council is a great opportunity to give back to the profession and have a voice on what comes next in the future while fulfilling Council’s mandate of working in the public’s best interest. The Council table is filled with dedicated regulated members and public members that are all very passionate about this profession. Each person devotes a great deal of their personal time to be prepared and participate in these passionate discussions.

I encourage all interested members to review this information and submit your application when the recruitment opens on March 6.

Wendy Dugas, CEO