This form is for use by employers to report complaints regarding regulated members of the Alberta College of Paramedics.


  • Fill out the complaint form including as much detail as possible
  • Attach a copy of the letter of termination, suspension or resignation, if relevant. Do not attach any other documentation at this time.

Next steps

  1. When you submit your complaint, a copy will be emailed to you for your records and is your confirmation that it has been submitted to the College. (Keep for your records.)
  2. When your complaint reaches the Complaints & Conduct department, the Complaints Director will review the information.
  3. The Complaints & Conduct department will correspond with you via email and we may contact you and/or the parties you have identified for additional information.
  4. The College will send a copy of your complaint, with your name, to the regulated member(s) for their response. (Your personal contact information will NOT be shared.)
  5. We may contact any individuals or organizations that have been named in your complaint if we believe they can provide additional details. These parties may also receive a copy of your complaint.
  6. Upon the completion of these steps, we will follow up with you.


  • The complaints process can take several months, depending on the complexity and severity of your complaint.
  • To ensure your complaint form has been submitted, please click the submit button at the bottom of the page.

Email Communication

The College communicates primarily by email, unless the legislation requires us to send you hard copies. Email allows us to process your complaint faster, but if you are unable to communicate by email, please contact us.


If you have any issues completing this form, or would like to speak with someone about your complaint before you file this form, please contact the College for assistance:
Tel: 780.449.3114 |  Toll Free: 1.877.351.2267

Please click the SUBMIT BUTTON only once. Some browsers take a few minutes to load.