Please note, this information was current as of March 10, 2022 and the courses listed below may have been updated or changed. Please refer to the up to date list of CE activities provided here or in your member portal.

Looking for Continuing Competence activity options that are free and online?

As part of the Health Professions Act (HPA) all regulated health professions are required to maintain currency in their practice and knowledge through a Continuing Competence (CC) program. The CC program requires all members to evaluate their own skills and pursue additional education or learning to address any deficiencies. All regulated members must meet the requirements of the CC program to be eligible to renew their practice permit each year.

We understand that members are busy and attending continuing education activities to meet these requirements isn’t always easy, especially over the past year. The Continuing Competence committee has compiled a list of activities on our approved Continuing Education (CE) list that are free and online.

Coursera offers a number of free and online training courses that are through different universities & colleges. Although there is a fee for completion certificates, the College will accept a screenshot of the member’s Coursera account dashboard that shows course completion

These university/college activities are awarded credits based on the number of hours to course completion:

  • 1-8 hrs = 24 credits
  • 9-12 hrs = 36 credits
  • 13-16 hrs = 48 credits
  • 17-19 hrs = 57 credits
  • 20+ hrs = 60 credits

When entering these Coursera courses in for CE credits in the member portal, search “university” and select the option that has the coordinating hours for the course taken.

Wilderness Life Support

They have a wide range of short courses that can be claimed under the Continuing Education category – Activity type “approved CE course” and each course is worth 3 CE credits.

The Canadian Virtual Hospice:

Cancer Care Ontario (

Each of these activities is worth 5 CE credits

If you have any questions about Continuing Competence and the courses listed above, please contact