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Council Elections2022-05-17T16:38:29-06:00

Council Candidates

For the 2022 elections, there were two, three-year term positions open.

The College received two nominations and the election is uncontested as per the College Bylaws 2.4.4 Insufficient Nominations a) Where the number of nominees is equal to the number of vacant positions, those nominees shall be declared elected and no vote for those positions is required to be held.

Alexander Tetoff, ACP | Biography

My time in healthcare began over a decade ago… Once licensed, I worked throughout Saskatchewan at various small, private rural services as well as a large metro EMS service for over 8 years. During this time, I completed further training and became licensed as an Advanced Care Paramedic. I knew this was the career I wanted to invest myself in!

Adam Swendsen, ACP | Biography

I have been a part of ACP since 2004 when I first became an EMR. I am now a Paramedic/Firefighter and have spend the last ten years working for the City of Leduc Fire Services, which is an integrated fire and ambulance service. 

Election and Voting Process Overview

Reporting Results2021-07-08T12:59:28-06:00
  • Results will be shared with candidates and Council before being shared with members
  • Results will be sent to the membership at large and posted to the College website within seven days of the election
  • The candidate(s) receiving the most votes in an election is the successful candidate(s)
  • Votes will be tallied and results provided by a third-party organization to the College
  • Results shall include the total number of ballots (e)mailed, the number of votes cast, the percentage of votes cast to ballots returned
  • As the ballots shall be delivered electronically and the occurrence of spoiled ballots eliminated, there will be nothing to report for the number of spoiled ballots
Ballot Destruction2021-07-08T13:07:54-06:00

As the ballots shall be delivered electronically, there shall be no ballots to be kept or destroyed (as would be the case with paper ballots).

Ballot Recounting2021-07-08T13:09:13-06:00

As an electronic process has been chosen, should a ballot recount be required it will be requested of the third-party provider.

Ballot Counting2021-07-08T13:10:22-06:00
  • As the ballots shall be delivered electronically, they shall also be counted electronically
  • As a third-party provider has been selected to count the ballots, the returning officer shall be an individual from that organization
  • As the ballots shall be delivered electronically, the electronic process will eliminate the occurrence of spoiled ballot
  • All voting will take place online only
  • All elements of the online vote will be managed by a third-party provider
  • Information about how to vote will be disseminated to all eligible voters
  • Voters must be regulated members, in good standing, on the general or provisional register at least 30 days prior to the election.
  • Members will not be eligible to vote if they register 29 days prior to or during the vote
  • Voting will open no less than 60 days following the close of the nominations
  • Voters will only be allowed to participate in the vote once
  • Voters are provided their own link to vote and are not permitted to vote on another voter’s behalf (no proxy voting)
Preparation of Ballot2021-07-08T13:17:41-06:00
  • Electronic ballots will be provided by a third-party provider, as determined by Council to maintain the security and confidentiality of the voting process
  • Voting instructions will be included with the ballot
  • Ballot shall be prepared of the names of the candidates, listed in alphabetical order of surnames
  • The ballot link shall be sent to each eligible regulated member

In the event of a system wide technological malfunction Council reserves the right to provide alternate timelines and business rules concerning the voting procedure.

Withdrawal of Candidacy2021-07-08T13:18:46-06:00

A candidate may withdraw from the campaign at any time before the vote by notifying the College in writing.

Campaign Activities2021-07-08T13:27:51-06:00
  • Candidates will be invited to attend the June Council meeting
  • Candidate’s bios and photos are available to the membership at large through the Pulse and the College website
  • Candidates must behave in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
  • Candidates are not permitted to use the College logo while campaigning as the College does not endorse Candidates and Candidates are not officers of the College
  • Candidates must not enter workplaces to campaign unless they have received written authorization from the employer to do so

Complaints of candidates who are in contravention to these points or who have behaved inappropriately during the campaign will be investigated by the Complaints Director.


Regulated members are able to submit their intention to become a Council member, in accordance with the requirements specified in College Bylaws.

Please view the direct email sent to you for the full elections process. If you have any questions, please email

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