I would like to begin this message by welcoming all my fellow regulated members to the new 2022/2023 membership year. I am honoured to be stepping into the role of College Council President and look forward to serving our profession with the continued trajectory set before by our previous Presidents, Melissa Manion and Dusty Schlitter.

I want to thank former Council President Melissa Manion for her years of dedication and service to our profession. You will be deeply missed at the Council table.

In addition, I would also like to extend a warm welcome our newest public member, Donna Stephenson. In June, Melissa announced the appointment of our public member Oluwayemisi (Tosin) Osiberu and elected members Alexander Tetoff and Adam Swendsen. This past week Council kicked off the first meeting of the new term which was the first meeting with all our newest members. On behalf of Council, we appreciate your commitment and look forward to your insights as we work together to regulate our profession. I feel confident with the path that we are moving forward on and inspired by the great things that are ahead.

As you may be aware, progress is being made on the changes initiated by Bill 46. The new Continuing Competence Standard of Practice finished consultation in July and is currently under review by the government. Consultation is underway for the Standard of Practice on Restricted Activities, and I invite anyone who has not reviewed the document and submitted feedback to do so. There is limited time remaining as the consultation period closes on Monday, October 3 at 11:59pm. Information on the consultation can be found here. The largest change that we will see from Bill 46, is an amended Paramedic Profession Regulation and revised Health Professions Act (HPA). We anticipate these two legislative documents to be in place by the end of 2022 and will provide updates when they are.

Lastly, I would like to extend a personal thank you to everybody who has helped me get to where I am. Thank you to all the past presidents, Council members, administration, staff, medics and volunteers. I have been surrounded by such supportive people since the day I joined Council. I can confidently say that all the valuable time, experience and commitments shared with everybody who came before me have put me in a better position to lead this Council today. Thank you to everyone for your passion to our profession and for trusting me as your President to guide us moving forward.

Travis Lanoway