Registration Fees

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Annual Registration fees for the 2019 Membership Year are as follows:

Note: The 2019 Membership year is prorated for a nine-month period (January 1 – September 30) as we transition to the new renewal cycle of August 1 – September 30 for the 2019/2020 renewal.

Registration Fees (January 1 - September 30)
Annual registration (provisional or general)$393.75
Renewal (January 1 until mid-February) breakdown $393.75 registration fee + $175 late fee$568.75
Reinstatement (February 13 until September 30, 2019) breakdown $393.75 registration fee + $175 late fee$568.75
Reinstatement (over 12 months)$ varies per application
New registrants (August 1 - September 30)$87.50
Application Fees
Provisional or General$100
Labour Mobility$100
Substantial Equivalency initial review$100
Reinstatement* (February 13, 2019 until September 30, 2019)$100
Previous file retrieval
(in cases of lapsed registration)
Verification of registration
(for employment or labour mobility)
No Cost
Substantial Equivalency Review$700
Jurisprudence (per three attempts)$125

*A practitioner applying for registration through reinstatement will be responsible to pay any costs that may be incurred for assessed deficiencies in practice. These costs may include education fees and are not set by the College. All practitioners wanting to apply for registration through reinstatement are encouraged to contact the College prior to initiating an application so we can better advise you about your unique circumstances.

Registration Policy

Refund of Practice Permit Fees

Contact the College if you would like more information on registration fees or email the College’s Regulatory Services department.