Registration Fees

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Application Fees Effective October 1, 2019

Registration Application Fee
All applicants pay a non-refundable $100 registration application fee. This applies to anyone seeking registration with the College, including Alberta educated, labour mobility, substantial equivalency and reinstatements.

Reinstatement Fee
Any practitioner who previously held a practice permit with the College and is seeking reinstatement at the same designation must pay an additional non-refundable $400 reinstatement fee to cover the additional administrative costs to reinstate a practice permit.

Member Dues
Member dues are required to complete registration and issue a practice permit. The dues are charged on a pro-rated schedule, depending on when the permit is issued:

Permit issuedPercentage of yearFor 2020/2021
October 1 - December 31100%$525
January 1 - March 3175%$393.75
April 1 - June 3050%$262.50
July 1 - September 3025%$131.25

Finance Policies

Contact the Registration Services department if you would like more information on registration fees at

Finance Policies

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