With the launch of the new member portal, the College has created a simplified process that is more mobile-friendly for adding Continuing Competence (CC) credits.

  1. Log into the member portal and select the fifth page (icon) on the navigation bar, opening the Continuing Competence page.
  2. Click the plus sign to select the Registration year and click SAVE. If you have already added credits to the registration year the plus sign will be an arrow.
  3. This will redirect to a Continuing Competence form. On this form you will see a How many credits do you require It is in this section where you will see the breakdown of your Continuing Education (CE) and Self-Directed (SD) credits for the Registration year selected. To assist members this chart will automatically recalculate and update the credits you have earned in each category. When all requirements have been met, a YES will appear at the bottom of the page. You can enter and update your activities at any time throughout the year.

How to add Self-Directed activities

Below the credit requirement chart is a section on How to enter activities. Select Add and a search field will appear. Type in “Self”, “Other” or “Self-Direct” into the search field and fill in the activity fields and click SAVE. The credit requirements chart will auto populate with the new earned credits.

How to add CE activities

Select Add and type in the name or keyword of the activity you have completed. For example, if you type in “COVID”, every activity with the word COVID in the name will appear. Scroll through the list of activities and select the CE activity. The Activity Status can be changed by selecting one of the options from the drop-down menu. Available options include Completed, Planned and Cancelled. To complete the process, fill in the CE activity fields and click SAVE as mentioned earlier your information will automatically be recalculated and updated.

If your CC activity is not listed within the available activities, it is not an approved CE activity and is to be claimed as SD. If you have completed a course that is listed in the CE list as approved and cannot find it in the search field, first check to see if the CE list does not give a specific search term for the course. If it does not and you still cannot find it, please contact the College at CC@ABparamedics.com. If the CC activity does not offer verification of attendance complete the CC Record of Attendance Form and if you choose self-study complete the CC Self-study Summary Form.

For detailed instructions on how to add CC activities, click here.

If you have any questions about adding CC activities, please email CC@ABparamedics.com.