The College is excited to announce the launch of the member website. The launch of the member website signifies the completion of phase three of the transition to the Alinity platform, read more about the four-phase transition here. This is an exciting milestone as not only is the College offering a simplified website that will load faster, the content will be focused on members’ and their needs. One benefit you will notice right away is the ability to toggle between the member portal and the member website with a single log on function.

Visually the member website looks similar to the main website but there are subtle differences. For example the title bar is grey vs blue and the main menu drops down into a list vs the information boxes on the main website. You will also notice each side bar menu includes a link back to the member portal. If you want to leave the member website and view the main website, click on the College logo. Keep in mind you will still be logged in the member portal until it times out at 40 minutes.

What is the member website?

The member website is an area where the College can provide all information relevant to members’ practice. Including topics like continuing competence details and activities, conduct information focused on what a member can expect if they find themselves in the complaint process, practice guidelines and privacy issues like protecting members’ personal information.

You may wonder why there are two websites now – a member website and a public website. With the implementation of Bill 46 one of the requirements is that regulatory college’s website must have a public focus. More on the approved two-phase plan for implementation of Bill 46 here.

How to log-in to the member website

There are two ways to access the member website one click on the Member Site link or second click on the Member Portal link at the top of the main website. If you log in via the Member Site link you will land on the members main page. Click on the member portal link to access your profile, you will be prompted to login again. If you log into the member portal link you can access the member website by clicking on the Back to Website in the Navigation Bar. Log on with your member portal username/password no need to create another profile. As mentioned earlier the single log on function will enhance usability allowing the user to toggle back and forth between the member portal and the member website.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the College at