In October, CEO Wendy Dugas shared news about upcoming changes to the College’s operations and things that can be expected during the 2021/2022 member year. One of these exciting changes is the transition to a new member portal platform called Alinity.

As mentioned in that message, this change was brought on by overwhelming feedback from members about the current portal being outdated, not intuitive and overall frustrating. This new platform is a trusted program from other regulators across Alberta and will provide a higher functioning platform with increased useability and security.

College staff have been and will continue to work with Alinity to transition the current member portal and all the information on it over to the new portal. Of course, a large part of this transition will be moving over all member profiles. This work is being done with the utmost care and attention to ensure accuracy, but also maintain privacy and access.

All members should take a few minutes before the end of 2021 to look over your current profile and make sure all your contact information is up to date. This will help create a smooth transition when using the new system in the coming year.

As a reminder, all members must have a unique email address as their email address on their profile. For some members, there are still instances where two or more members are using the same email address. Typically, this is because two members are partners that share the same email address. In the current member portal this is permitted because it uses a username to login; however, Alinity has a much more secure log in process that requires members to login with a valid, unique email address that will be linked to their specific information. This means all members must use a unique email moving forward.

Please review and make any necessary updates to your contact information by:

  1. Logging into the member portal
  2. Go to the Personal tab
  3. Click the pencil icon beside the Contact Information box
  4. Update information
  5. Select save

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the College at If you would like to read about the new member portal in the CEO message, click here.